Due to the continued annual success of our Deafland Rally, we are proud to announce that Deafland Rally No.8 (2023) is being organised for the summer of 2023. Come and support us and be part of the Deafland family.

Bring your Caravan, Tent, Motorhome or Campervan to the large rally field. Prices start from £99 ( * Price includes one Grass Pitch and one adult ) 

The charge for any additional adults in each unit is

* £25.00 per person 17 and over,

* £15.00 per child from 4 - 16 years old,

* (This is an early Bird Price, later bookings will be increased)

Which funds towards covering the costs of the event.

Entry is available for an extra charge, detailed below. It also includes entry for one vehicle during your stay.

Extra Vehicle charge is from £10.00

There is a maximum of 300 units with inc two way splits - electric hook up .

How to pay :

Complete in full the booking form below to pay in full.

Ticket Policy :

Tickets are non-refundable 

Tickets for this event have a unique barcode which will be scanned on entry and if found to be duplicated, either in error or for fraudulent gain, only the first instance of the ticket scanned will be admitted regardless of original ownership. Customers may be prosecuted if found to have deliberately duplicated and resold tickets for fraudulent gain.

If you have obtained this ticket in breach of these T&Cs and/or if you breach any of these T&Cs then your ticket/wristband shall be void, and all rights conferred on you or evidenced by such ticket/wristband, shall be void. If you seek to gain entry to the Event using a void ticket or wristband then we reserve the right to refuse you entry or evict you from the Event and you may be liable to legal action for trespass. Void tickets/wristbands are non-refundable.

Tickets/Wristbands cannot be used as part of any marketing, media or sales promotion, without the prior written consent of Deafland rallies.

Deafland rallies will not issue duplicates for lost or stolen tickets or wristbands. Tickets & wristbands remain the property of Deafland Rallies until the Event closes.


All under 16s must be accompanied by an adult ticket holder aged 18 or over who must remain on site throughout the weekend as the under 16-year-old’s guardian. No unaccompanied under 16s are allowed on site. But must be accompanied by a paying ticket-holder over 18 at all times. Wristbands, to write a mobile number on for children 12 and under in case they get lost or separated from their guardian, will be available from the wristband exchanges & welfare points.

We do not accept any parental or supervisory duty of care or liability for any under 18s on site.


DEAFLAND RALLIES does not accept any liability for personal or property damages, losses (including surrendered items) or injuries sustained at this event - other than caused as a result of our negligence. Attendance at this Event is at your own risk.

We may prosecute you if you cause damage to the site, the site infrastructure, or cause harm to any other person at the Event and/or site.

All Drugs are banned at the Deafland rally. As a consequence, anyone caught using or dealing drugs while camping at the Deafland rally will be asked to leave the site and would be banned from joining any Deafland Rally events in the future. The police would be also involved and the admin will pass on the case to the police so they will deal with the offender and decide if the offender going be charged with the crime. (This is not including prescribe drugs from a health professional)

Physical bullying, verbal bullying, relational aggression, cyberbullying, sexual bullying, prejudicial bully and many other types of bullying are not acceptable at the Deafland rally. we believe in zero tolerance. if you are being bullied at the Deafland rally please come to either the security team or the admin to report it. who carry out the bully actions will be asked to leave the site and would be banned from joining any Deafland Rally events in the future. Depending on the severe crime you have committed the police may be involved and the police will decide if the offender is getting charged

Can I have a refund or exchange?:
We can’t offer any exchanges or refunds if you’re event is going ahead on the date originally planned.

Tickets also cannot be sold on to third parties as all tickets are individually specific to each attendee.

Please note: before buying tickets it's really important to double check the event details and make sure you're 100% happy before going ahead

Unfortunately, we're unable to exchange any bookings for any new dates

Capacity :
Site policy dictates that the maximum capacity for each unit, tent, caravan or motorhome, is 10 persons.

For Usher Syndrome:
Closest access to the toilet block, and those who have Usher Syndrome, we will always provide lights for them at night.

Medical issues:
If you have any existing ongoing medical issues, could you please put details of these on the booking form. Also could you inform our volunteers upon entry of the rally.

Mains tap water supply, rubbish disposal point and chemical toilet emptying point.

Fire Pit :
Site policy dictates that Fire Pits of any kind are prohibited at this event. Barbecues and disposable barbecues are permitted.

Well behaved dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead in camping areas and there is an extra charge for dogs. (please clean up after your dog)

Please respect fellow members of the Deafland family. There are no visitors allowed.

Our pitches open at noon 12 pm on Friday 21st July 2023, no earlier, and close at 12pm on Tuesday 25th July 2023

Weekend Programme:
The weekend programme of events will be announced soon on the Facebook page and our website . There will also be a poster put up at the site on the day

Photography and Drones:
Our volunteers (wearing white Hi-Vis vests) will be taking photos around the site and there will also be drones flying overhead taking photos and video footage to display on our Facebook page. There is a consent form attached to the booking form which you will need to complete regarding this.

** On the booking form, all options marked with a red asterisk must be filled in to process the application **How to pay :

Peter Kane 

Coordinator Team:
Mark Tolson
David Leader
Samantha O'Donnell

Team Leader:
Di Morton
Carly Martin
Gareth Garton
Simon Jones
Emma Jones
Barry Mills
Hayley Cawthorne
Lisa Dean


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Sub Sponsors :

Data Protection Policy: All your information will be confidential and will not be shared with any third parties